We use 3 of Australia’s best speciality coffee roasters; Seven Seeds, Small Batch Roasting and Wood and Co Coffee, to offer a rotating selection of coffees.

All 3 roasters focus on developing relationships with coffee farms directly, to purchase fresh high grade coffee and cut out unnecessary middlemen. They also share similar roasting philosophies, producing an end product that lets the flavour of the coffee shine in the cup, as opposed to the roast characteristics.

At Josie North, we want all our coffees to be deliciously sweet and clean, and the individual characteristics of the coffee’s terroir to shine through in each cup of coffee.  


Conscious of our tiny kitchen, we try to make simple food with delicious ingredients that people want to eat. We have a single all day menu that covers both breakfast and lunch.

To see our current offering, please see the link below, noting that the menu is subject to change based on the daily market supply.